Cedanet Pty Ltd (ABN 48 103 363 622) was formed in 2003 with the aim of developing and licensing a database technology called CEDA originally written by David Barrett-Lennard. At that time it was licensed to Fractal Technologies for their Spatial Data Server product.

From July 2007 CEDA has been licensed to RungePincockMinarco for their Mining Dynamics and Xact products.

CEDA is used by the Jazzmatrix Corporation in their voter registration system.

Think Bottom Up have developed a GUI framework on top of CEDA which allows application code to be deployed using native clients and/or a web interface.


CEDA is a platform for developing software applications using persistent object oriented data models that are replicated within a peer-to-peer network. It promotes a data-centric, component based approach and facilitates run time assembly to build complex functionality.

A key feature is the use of Operational Transformation (OT) to allow user edits to be performed on a local database without latency, and changes (called operations) are sent and merged asynchronously without the need for distributed transactions.

The name CEDA is derived from "DAta CEntric".

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